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The Florida Menus is an innovative publisher providing marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. The Florida Menus allows advertisers to appear in the take-out menus of many of the most popular restaurants in Florida! See some of our menus below.

Some Benefits To Our Advertisers:

• High visibility in local customers homes

• Valuable demographic reach

• Menus are retained and re-used

• Little or no competition in-menu

• Affordable for any budget

• Full-Color High-Gloss Advertisements

Benefits to Restaurants:

• Unlimited Supply of FREE Full-Color Take-Out Menus

Our readers are reminded at The Florida Menus is provided free of charge by their local businesses and we encourage everyone to support the local community throughout the publication and through a partnership with


• It's so simple! The most popular restaurants in your area provide take-out menus free of charge to their clients and your business is seen over and over throughout the year as people order from their favorite restaurant. Your ad is passed to everyone in the household as they decide their order!

5 Reasons Why It Works:

• High Traffic Distribution Point

• Useful Information For Readers

• Limited Number of Advertisers

• Continued Visibility

• Multi-Media Platform Included

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